About Bandsintown

Bandsintown is a digital media company powered by music. With over 50 million registered concert-goers, a global audience of 130 million music fans and over 250K touring artists connected to the Bandsintown community, we are the premiere destination where artists and fans connect. To learn what we do for fans, click here. For artists, click here. For promoters, click here, And for brands, click here.

We’ve got big plans and are rapidly expanding. And we’re always looking to add more talented people to our band… errr… team. Many of us are artists, performers, producers or DJ’s so it’s not just a job for us – it’s a way of life. We build the products we ourselves would want to use. We learn from each other, and inspire each other to do our best work, fueled by our passion for music. It’s in our DNA.

Current openings